Falls MitGAITion™

Falls MitGAITion™ is a program developed to diagnose seniors prone to falling and provide custom solutions to mitigate the impact of falls after the fact. Falls are the leading cause of both fatal and non-fatal injuries among adults 65 years and older. Up to 75% of nursing home residents will fall each year with 20-30% of these leading to injuries.

Primary causes of falls are muscle weakness and gait abnormalities such as postural sway and balance deficits.

These risk factors can be lessened. Postural sway can be reduced with appropriate footwear and increased support around the foot and ankle. Custom Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFO) have demonstrated an immediate reduction of fall risk in the elderly without encumbering their daily activities.

Falls MitGAITion™ offers access to certified orthotists or pedorthists who dispense custom-made assistive devices that are recommended or prescribed to patients or residents. We will provide an in-depth screening on site for these modifiable risk factors and prescribe highly effective assistive devices such as the Moore Balance Brace and other AFO’s proven to be effective.

The Falls MitiGAITion™ program provides ongoing education resources to keep the entire patient care team abreast of the rapidly changing field of study. Our Scientific Advisory Board consists of clinical, research and public health experts who will assist you in your endeavors to be a center of excellence for falls management.

Falls MitiGAITtion™ has also developed custom protective devices for hip protection that are critical in dramatically reducing injury.risk studies have shown hip fracture was reduced threefold by its usage.

HipsteRYK™ is a line of soft, lightweight and high-tech pads utilizing uniquely absorbent material. Using molecular technology, it absorbs most of the resulting force enough to prevent hip fractures.

Contoured to conform perfectly to the underlying anatomy, HipsteRYK™ was designed to be used either as a belt or in a wearable shorts form factor.

Lightweight and comfortable, the soft pliable design can be worn to bed without disturbing sleep. To that affect it was designed with grooves and breathing channels, allowing heat and moisture to readily escape from the body.

HipsteRYK™ hip protection reduces the risk of serious injury, saves money, and can also improve the wearer’s quality of life by allowing the user to remain active, social and with a reduced risk of falling.