Our automated hospital-grade remote care platform for DATA handling via Cloud-Based Patient Management. Its flexible App supplies Video & SMS for CMS reimbursable Surveys & Reports, that can be customized for any specific illness or disease.
MetRYK™ Program is aligned with Datos-Health. The program is in:
  • Sheba Hospital
  • Israel’s 5 National Insurance Plans
  • Upstate NY County’s Department of Health
MetRYK™ is product agnostic.  Solutions can be added to monitor  critical patient metrics such as heart  rate, heart rate variability, respiratory  rate – even an ECG.
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Our Solutions

provide continuous, real-time monitoring of vital signs while simultaneously offering seamless data collection!

eCloud ECG Analysis System

  • 4-In-1 Device
  • Short Term Holter
  • Long Term Holter
  • Event
  • Mobile Cardiac Telemetry

Hand over Heart ECG Solution

ECG Continuous BioSensor Patch?

Medication Adherence

SpO2. Wearable Monitor

Continuous Temperature Sensor


Conquer Your Arch-Enemy™ with Soxatones! Soxatones provide premium therapeutic compression for optimal healing and Plantar Fasciitis relief. With targeted compression and innovative interlocking technology, Soxatones is the #1 choice for arch, heel, and ankle support, stimulating blood flow for the ultimate in foot pressure relief.

Ease It Does It™

EaseItDoesIt® is a repository of seemingly simple products that can have inordinate value in easing the stresses and maximizing one’s efforts in smart, mindful ways. Ease It Does It® identifies products that indubitably impacts positively on a source of discomfort or anxiety or needles & recurring “Bump in the road”, determine that we have found the BEST in Show of this item that we can proudly call our OWN and bear our TradeMark; and deliver it quickly & successfully.
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