At the fulcrum of providing solutions for healthcare in a rapidly changing environment, RYK Solutions™ supplies health providers with multiple Remote Patient Monitoring platforms to monitor disease, symptoms, conditions and vitals remotely and accurately.

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TECHNOLOGY such as our
which monitor vital signs constantly.
a disposable sleep apnea test delivered to your door.
a 12 Lead EKG that can administered by patients themselves, seek to change the script on the level of care provided outside a hospital setting.
RYK Solutions™ is focused on arming our partners with the most innovative programs, advanced technology and effective treatments available.
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RYK Solutions™ is also at the vanguard of providing programs and products that seek to alleviate underserved and chronic issues.
Our Most Innovative Programs & Solutions:
Continuous, Real-Time. Monitoring Of Vital Signs
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Hand Over Heart
Non-invasively detect EKG Changes
suggestive of an AMI in real-time.
At Point of Contact (POC). In Your Facility.
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SleepmetRYK™ is an RYK Solution that utilizes an FDA-cleared portable diagnostic device providing accurate screening, detection, and follow-up in the treatment of sleep apnea.
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MetRYK™ is product agnostic. Solutions can be added to monitor critical patient metrics such as heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate – even an ECG.
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Conquer Your Arch-Enemy™ with Soxatones! Soxatones provide premium therapeutic compression for optimal healing and Plantar Fasciitis relief. With targeted compression and innovative interlocking technology, Soxatones is the #1 choice for arch, heel and ankle support, stimulating blood flow for the ultimate in foot pressure relief.
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