Medication Adherence

Managing care of chronically-ill patients requires a comprehensive solution for medication adherence management, along with remote patient monitoring of leading health indicators, such as weight, blood pressure, glucose and oxygen saturation levels. Solutions can be customized to fit the needs and spirit of your brand
Every patient and every disease are different; a good medication adherence solution for managing care of chronically-ill patients must address all medication modalities and intake methods. Reminding patients to take their medications on time is only the first step in managing their adherence, closing the loop with real sensors that detect the actual medication intake and having a real time notification and reporting system to caregivers and service providers are critical for the long term success of any medication adherence management program.
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FDA #K180157

Medication Adherence – Long Term Planning

  • Digital support program in a box
  • Providing the most comprehensive, In-Home Medical Adherence and Safety Management Program in the Market
  • Successful elevated adherence from levels of 50% to sustainable levels of 96% and above
  • The costs of non-adherence rapidly diminish as medication adherence improves.
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