Our Solutions

The TelemetRYK™ solution provides continuous, real-time monitoring of 8 vital signs while simultaneously collecting the medical data for easy review. A disposable BioSensor constantly monitors ECG, Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, Respiratory Rate and Body Temperature uploading it to the cloud where Doctors and caregivers anywhere can access it. Preset parameters can be set which will text or call the caregiver if vitals are amiss and patients’ needs more attention before any issues escalate.

Hand Over Heart EKG™
The Hand Over Heart EKG™ is a single-use disposable device that allows for cleaner and more accurate readings. It is the only device that allows a 12-lead EKG to be administered by non-medical providers or by patients themselves and is designed to eliminate patient cross-contamination due to unsanitary spaghetti wires.

SleepmetRYK™ is an innovative RYK Solution that utilizes a FDA-cleared portable diagnostic device to ensure the accurate detection of sleep apnea testing in the comfort of your own bedroom. It is designed with patient use in mind for “in-home” sleep apnea.

MediTerrain™ is a groundbreaking wound care solution that features a gel derived from red algae in Northern Israel. Possessing remarkable natural properties, the MediTerrain Gelatinized Red Algae Mist, Hydrogel, & Calming Cream provide both antibacterial and antiviral actions allowing pressure wounds and ulcer wounds to be treated successfully and cost effectively.

Falls MitiGAITion™
Our Falls MitiGAITion™ program offers a two-pronged approach: identifying those with higher falls risk and preventing falls with our specially designed foot brace, and mitigating the damage a fall could cause with our HipsteRYK™ belt and shorts products.