Portable, easy to use, 12-lead ECG for your facility

A 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) is recognized as the standard test used to screen patients for a possible heart attack. SmartHeart® provides a portable, easy to use ECG solution that provides fast and easy diagnosis of possible cardiac ischemia (heart attack) – anytime, anywhere.

SmartHeart aids in reducing mortality1, hospital readmissions and unnecessary ER visits, lowering healthcare costs, while increasing productivity.

The SmartHeart® Advantage

SmartHeart uses cutting-edge technology to deliver a portable, high-quality 12-lead ECG with zero professional training or certification required.

Quick Setup Fully integrated system eliminates the need for shaving, gels or sticky adhesives. Fast Results Pairs with any smart device for rapid results in 30 seconds. 24/7 ECG Review Unlimited preliminary reads provided by highly trained clinicians available 24/7. Optional full interpretation by licensed cardiologist available.

Next-Generation, 12-Lead ECG

Create a differentiator from your competition by offering portable, easy to use, 12-lead ECG and keep patients from unnecessarily returning to the hospital.
Immediate Care
Mobile diagnostics companies take time to respond. With SmartHeart ECGs can be done immediately – no waiting necessary. The nursing staff can quickly and easily perform the ordered 12-lead ECG.

Reduce Costs

Mobile diagnostics can be costly. SmartHeart costs a fraction of mobile diagnostics and provides results in seconds or minutes, versus hours.

Deliver High-Acuity Care
With a 12-lead ECG you can accept higher-acuity patients. Consider a cardiac unit or working with the discharge planners to get short term patients that need a higher level of care.

SmartHeart® + Cloud-Based Platform

  • Unlimited ECGs & user licenses
  • Historical ECG comparison
  • Digital report upload & share
  • 24/7 cardiology review

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