The TelemetRYK™ platform is a revolutionary shift in patient care for Skilled Nursing Facilities and Home Healthcare Providers, consisting of a disposable BioSensor that sends vital signs wirelessly to remote caregivers.

The TelemetRYK™ solution provides continuous, real-time monitoring of vital signs while simultaneously offering seamless data collection. This technology instantly captures complex medical information and health data while continuously monitoring patients’ vital signs. This data gives remote caregivers a powerful view into critical readings that have a direct impact on patient care.

Critical patient metrics such as heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, body temperature, posture, fall detection and even an ECG (single lead), can now simply and accurately be monitored constantly, anywhere, with full mobility of movement.

Clinicians can set predetermined benchmarks to alert them via text or otherwise, allowing preemptive care before issues can deteriorate. Historical patient data is also available to the clinician, offering a vital glimpse into readings that have a direct impact on patient care.

The TelemetRYK™ system does not necessitate active monitoring of the screen 24/7 – preset parameters of all the vitals can be set (per patient or facility wide or any variation in between) that will text the doctor or nurse, anywhere onsite or off, if numbers go above or below those numbers.

The TelemetRYK™ system provides remarkable mobility, allowing freedom of movement. It goes where the patient goes while continuously collecting and monitoring patients. With both Wi-Fi and cellular providing continuous coverage of the patient’s vitals, caregivers are always able to ensure their wellbeing.

Having doctors and nurses connected through this technology also improves communication between staff and families, supports nurses and aides, and reduces hospital readmissions and the high costs associated with readmissions.

Remarkably contained, the entire system consists of a tablet and disposable patches about the weight of two nickels. All other components are in the cloud, there is no need for any infrastructure or IT updates, as the system is wireless and cloud based.

The TelemetRYK™ solution provides a unique opportunity for sophisticated healthcare providers. Implementing this capability in your facility allows you to convey to your referring hospitals that you have the capacity to provide an ICU-like environment for the most medically complex patients.