Hand Over Heart EKG™

The Hand Over Heart EKG™ is a patented, scientifically acclaimed and commercially available EKG that weighs less than one classic office sheet of paper. The HOH EKG™ is statistically more accurate, hygienic, and easier to use than the traditional cardiac monitor, and is designed to incorporate a paradigm of care in one remarkably easy step in your facility. With the Hand Over Heart EKG™ Patch you can assure your good standing and rating, while positively impacting your bottom line. With 99% accuracy vs. 67% accuracy of a standard EKG, the patch prevents high numbers of transfers of patients who never return to your facility – let alone the negative impact of your Star Rating and payer measures. It is FDA cleared & CE approved.

The Hand Over Heart EKG™ is a single-use disposable device that allows for cleaner and more accurate readings. It is the only device that allows a 12-lead EKG to be administered by non-medical providers or by patients themselves, and is designed to eliminate patient cross-contamination due to unsanitary, spaghetti wires.

The Hand Over Heart EKG™ is easy to use, with a standardized format that ensures the perfect placement of leads every time and swift application in emergency situations where time is of the essence.