MediTerrain Socurity
Sun-kissed Straight from the Mediterranean
Healing derived from the purest and strongest gelatinized Red Algae.
Relieves the discomfort of skin irritations associated with the non-ambulating and dermatitis; effectively arresting further atrophy of the skin.

Backed by clinical studies & demonstrable results:
Focused Healing Mist & Rapid Relief Analgesic Gel
effectively fights bacteria & viruses, relieves pain & speeds recovery.

Our patented process harvests the gelatinized red algae found in the rich Mediterranean Sea to capture the remarkable healing properties found in untouched full – strength Red Algae.

Relieves Pain

There is more to know.

Focused Healing Mist
Fast. Focused. Pain Relief.
Speedier Healing, Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Viral properties for easy to direct and “no-touch” application.
MediTerrain Focused Healing Mist assists in decreasing wound bacterial bioburden and allows healthy tissue to grow in its place.
to promote faster healing. Contains natural Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Viral properties. Enriched with sulfated polysaccharides.
Rapid Relief Analgesic Gel
MediTerrain Rapid Relief Analgesic Gel is our patented, remarkably rich, all-natural formula that is enriched with sulfated polysaccharides, is paraben free, alcohol-free, dye-free, fragrance-free, non-irritating, soothing, and safe for sensitive skin.
Natural - Organic Ingredients:
no worries about harsh chemicals irritating your skin.
Relieves pain
beneath the surface of the skin as its Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Viral components expedite the healing of the skin immediately upon contact.
We’ve got the solution!
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