Our groundbreaking wound care solution parlays the remarkable natural properties of the MediTerrain™ Gelatinized Red Algae Mist, Hydrogel, & Calming Cream. These products provide both antibacterial and antiviral actions associated with metabolites produced by Red Algae in Northern Israel. The MediTerrain™ protocol has demonstrated, in both long term care facilities and post-surgery care, that wounds resisting closure with traditional treatment respond well to treatment with MediTerrain™.

This all-natural product utilizes the full healing power present in Red Algae, using a proprietary method to generate a unique gelatinized product which contains all bioactive and nutritional substances present in the original algae (of which FDA has already approved as an edible seaweed).

Currently engaged in clinical trials in Laniado Hospital in Israel, it will shortly be eligible for FDA consideration and approval and the FDA seal.

Red algae have no contraindication and can be used by anyone with no need for tactile contact. This obviates the need for possible infection and painful contact with often open and painful wounds. This natural product addresses wounds before they have a chance to deteriorate with its antiviral and anti-bacterial properties. Minor skin irritation can be mitigated from transforming into a wound ulcer by treating the patient with a protocol of MediTerrain™.

Wound care costs the U.S. healthcare system an estimated $50 billion annually. This large fiscal burden suggests wound care may be an overlooked target for quality improvement and cost reduction initiatives.

More than 30 million diabetics and 28.4 million individuals with heart disease reside in the U.S. Both morbidities represent public health epidemics and carry a heightened risk for chronic wound development. Approximately 6.7 million Americans are afflicted with chronic, non-healing wounds.

Wound care is essential, yet many suffer from hard-to-heal wounds due to battling diseases such as diabetes or heart disease. Additionally the issue is compounded by a dearth of nurses well-trained in wound care and the fact that it sits lower on the totem pole in terms of hospitals’ and facilities’ bottom line.

Particularly as the reimbursement model for health care has shifted to the PDPM model where reimbursements are value based –pressure wounds and pressure ulcers are now pivotal points of focus for healthcare facilities’ bottom lines and patients’ wellbeing.

Existing wound care products on the market tend to be expensive and painful . RYK Solutions wants to change that narrative.

Remarkably cost-effective, the MediTerrain™ solution is a game changer to an intractable dilemma faced by millions of suffering patients. Chronic wounds detract from quality of life and prevents one from doing things they enjoy. For wound care sufferers long underserved and overlooked, RYK Solutions is excited to present an all-natural, sustainable way to address the wound care crisis.