Dedicated Cardiac Units NOW AVAILABLE in Skilled Nursing Facilities


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Dedicated Cardiac Units NOW AVAILABLE in Skilled Nursing Facilities

(Brooklyn, NY, November 6th) Two Health Care facilities in New York are  launching a ground-breaking  reality in 24 hour, round- the- clock  constant patient monitoring of vital signs  –  that in effect, upends the delivery of  post acute care to the medically complex patient experiencing signs of COPD or CHF.

Previously only implemented in hospitals, The Allure Group is using TelemetRYK™ to closely monitor selected patients at Hamilton Park Nursing & Rehabilitation and Bedford Center for Nursing & Rehabilitation who have been admitted with a cardiac diagnosis. Integration of this technology will follow shortly in their other facilities in New York. This monumental milestone for The Allure Group, paves the way for nursing facilities across the country, as a critical step that will revolutionize patient outcomes and improve communication between medical staff and families.

According to the United Health Foundation, in 2013 the average cost of readmission for those aged +65 was 5.3% higher than the cost of the initial hospital visit. The total annual costs for hospital readmissions are pegged at $41.3 billion. The investment that The Allure Group has made in TelemetRYK™ is expected to improve patient monitoring and reduce hospital readmissions and the high associated costs.

How TelemetRYK™ Works

RYK Solutions™ brings assistive technology, devices and applications to health care settings to support physicians, care workers and staff in better caring for patients, especially during vulnerable times such as a transition from the hospital or acute care setting into the post acute care space.

With state-of-the-art designed biosensors for seamless data collection, TelemetRYK™ instantly captures complex medical information and health data. The continuous monitoring of vital signs ensures a rapid response to patient emergencies while providing longer-form data for patient analytics. TelemetRYK™ is compatible with any system while complementing existing Telemedicine platforms, such as TeleHealth Solution™, to offer the most comprehensive readings available in the industry.

About RYK Solutions™

RYK Solutions™ specializes in introducing Med Tech responses to clinical communities across the country and recognizes that turnkey monitoring augmented by data-based analytics will improve patient outcomes, leading to fewer readmissions and a reduction in healthcare costs.

About The Allure Group

Founded on the principles of compassion, respect and clinical excellence, The Allure Group is a network of comprehensive skilled nursing facilities in New York City that offer innovative rehabilitation programs and sub-acute nursing care. Facilities include Hamilton Park Center in Bay Ridge, Linden Center in East New York, Bedford Center in Williamsburg, King David Center in Bensonhurst, Crown Heights Center, and Harlem Center.


For more information about this technology or RYK Solutions™ initiatives, please contact Ruth Folger Kalatsky at 347.631.0100 or by email at [email protected].


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